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Open GBA Game ROM List 0001-9999

1800 - Super Mario Ball

Location: Europe

Publisher: Nintendo
Release group: TRSI

Save type: Eeprom_v124
Mbits: 64

Language: English
Super Mario Ball SuperMario PinBall
1810 - Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls

Location: Europe

Publisher: Nintendo
Release group: Eternity

Save type: Sram_v113
Mbits: 128

Language: English - French - German - Italian - Spanish
Final Fantasy I & II FF 1 & 2 Dawn of Souls

The story of the first Pokemon emulator game was very effortless to think about for even the kids can easily relate to it. Maybe it is because the Developers never expected it to be famous eventually. All they wanted is to create this game without thinking huge in the future. In other words, they never really intended Pokemon to become very celebrated as it actually did. Anyhow, the story of Pokemon started with a kid named Ash Ketchum (commonly known as Red in the game) who wanted to become a Pokemon Master. And in order to become one, you need to collect one hundred fifty one pocket monsters just by simply defeating a bunch of enemies in the game.



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